Friday, May 14, 2010

Is there anything I can do for this baby squirrel? Can the mother get it back?

So I was out mowing the back lawn and after I was a little ways into it, I noticed that my dog (she's a chow/labrador mix) was not running around playing and barking like she usually does when I am doing that. So, I was going to go look for her. She came running up and I saw that she had something in her mouth. I quickly found a way to get her to put it down, by making her think that we were going inside. She put it down, and I was able to trick her into going in the house and go her in there. It looks to be a baby squirrel. It's back is wet with what is apparently slobber from where my dog had it in her mouth. I also see a little bit of blood on it's back/side. It was crawling around a little bit at first, but seemed to tire out easily after a few steps. It's still alive and still breathing, out in the open in my yard. It's in the grass, and laying on it's stomach flat in almost a fetal position. I think it's just tired and sleeping. It's eyes look barely open - probably just starting to open. It has made a few cries out (squeak noises) and in the trees somewhere nearby (sounds like possibly the next yard) I hear these similar cries out from multiple sources. It sounds almost like a bunch of cats sort of meowing/squeaking, and I think it may be the squirrels' parent(s) looking for it.

Nobody is at home right now, and I don't want the dog to be let out into the back yard when someone does get home. We have a fenced in yard on both sides, so I could put it through the fence into the back yard of either neighbor to keep my dog from getting it again. However, I'm not sure they'll find it since both are all overgrown in their back yard.

I found a nut, cracked it open and got the good stuff. I put a little piece in front of it's wouldn't eat it. I know a good bit about some animals, but I'm an idiot when it comes to squirrels. As a warm blooded mammal, it still drinks milk from it's mother, right? Is there any way that if the mother finds it's location by hearing it, that she or another squirrel would literally be able to pick the baby up in their mouth and carry it back up to the nest? Or is it just totally screwed if it fell out of the nest?Is there anything I can do for this baby squirrel? Can the mother get it back?
Did you take it inside? Do that and wrap it in a soft towel to keep it warm. If you can get a dropper, do so and get some warm baby's milk if you have any. Ask your neighbors for that as well. Though the parents may be looking for it, you are scaring them away just by being there. All you can do right now is take care of it. Stop the bleeding by carefully wiping the wound with a paper towel that is wet with warm water and loosely wrapping gauze around it (not the sticky type). Get it to a vet as soon as possible. You should be feeding it every two hours. Keep it warm and watch it carefully. You could put it in a shoe box with a small light that will keep it warm but not too warm that is 3-5 inches above the box. Keep it away from your dog and contact anyone you know who could help you. Good luck.Is there anything I can do for this baby squirrel? Can the mother get it back?
I would bring it to a vet.
First try to find a local wildlife rehabilitator. Try the internet,search for wildlife rehaber. Go to your state game commission/department, web site and see if they have rehabers listed. Get on the telephone to game officials. In some states the department of environmental/natural resources will know where a rehaber is. Call local pet shops,and ask if they know a rehaber. When I managed a shop I had the numbers on a list right next to the phone.

OK now for first aid. If the squirrel has enough strength put it into a tree where the other squirrels can care for it. If it doesn't put it into a ventilated cardboard box with a few paper towels on the bottom and place the box in a warm location. Food and water/milk are not critical at this point. The animal is TOOOOO scared to think about eating, and your attempts to feed it will stress it more. What it needs first is a nice quiet safe box to hide in where no giant people or dogs bother it. You mentioned blood and backside, we can't be squeamish, did you mean rectal bleeding, or does it have a surface wound on it's backside?

Edit: email me if the squirrel needs more help.

Whoever did the thumbs down knows that most vets don't want to see wild animals. The rehabers know which vets to go to. Find a rehaber.

Edit2: Don't try to feed it!!!! It is scared to death and the last thing it needs is some monster trying to force it to drink some alien liquid. Let it calm down in a quiet small space before you do ANYTHING ELSE. Hopefully in the next couple of hours you can locate a rehabilitator. You aren't in south central Pa are you? I know the rehabers here. Don't do the light bulb, you are more likely to cook or burn the squirrel than help it. Put it in a small box with PAPER towels and put the whole box in a warm, safe place.

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