Friday, May 14, 2010

Should I keep the squirrel that i raised since he was a babY?

He's really nice and idk....Should I keep the squirrel that i raised since he was a babY?
I would contact a wildlife rehabilitation center or shelter. They have trained volunteers who know how to re-introduce squirrels into the wild, even if the squirrel has been raised by humans.

You COULD keep the squirrel as a pet, but they take a LOT of time, patience, love and attention. If they bond with you, they will usually expect lots of attention. They can be very destructive to your furniture, curtains and knickknacks -- not because they want to be ';bad';, but because they are curious and playful and like to climb and jump. You may want to squirrel-proof an entire room of your house, so there's nothing the squirrel can break or ruin. Squirrels also have sharp toenails that can scratch you by accident, so be careful about that.

They also can become fat and/or ill if you give them the wrong foods, so please be sure to research what is the most nutritious diet for your particular species of squirrel (there are several in the U.S., assuming you're from the U.S.)

Another thing to think about is that even if the squirrel seems very happy to be living with you NOW, when it gets older, sometimes hormones kick in and it starts yearning to mate with other squirrels. Or sometimes just plain old instinct kicks in, and it wants to be living in the trees. I've heard of pet squirrels getting very depressed when they're not allowed to be free. Of course, on the other hand, I've also heard of pet squirrels whose humans TRY to release them into the wild, but the squirrels refuse. It all depends on the squirrel, I suppose. :)

And that was probably WAY more than you thought you'd get as an answer, eh? But hopefully at least some of it was helpful to you.Should I keep the squirrel that i raised since he was a babY?
no you shouldn`t. i suggest u return it to the wild. please `:]
Its up to you,but it cant go back to the wild if its friendly you could try a nature resort / animal sanctuary. their so cute
You should keep him. He knows you and doesn't have any outdoor instinct. Hes your friend now live with him and love him as he loves you.
here's another vote for no. squirrels are wild animals. you did your job in raising him, now it is time to return him to the wild. hopefully he will learn from his fellow squirrels in how to look for nuts, etc. much of it is instinct anyway. maybe you should let him go now before the cold weather gets here.

Please help? Question about baby (young) squirrel?

Do squirrels get sick if you hold them too much like wild mice do? Or is it okay since they are always with there mom when sleeping until they leave.Please help? Question about baby (young) squirrel?
I would not imagine that holding him would affect him in any way.

What I think you have to worry about is if you raising him will affect him later in life. If he has all his food provided, he is kept warm, and is contained, he might not be able to take care of himself in the wild.

Consider taking him to a SPCA. That is what I did when I found an abandoned baby bird. They will raise it in a way that will not affect it's ability to care for itself when it is released.

Do baby squirrels after hand feeding and being wiped with a warm cotton ball go potty everytime? i need to k?

Actually, when hand feeding squirrels, kittens, puppies, is advisable to wipe or kind of massage their tummies and move in a motion towards their ';bowels, etc.'; with a towel or cotton, for that purpose. The mother would do that if she were there and you are the foster mom. :p

It can actually be really hard on them if you don't.

God luck with your ';squoilll';...the are so cute!Do baby squirrels after hand feeding and being wiped with a warm cotton ball go potty everytime? i need to k?
ours did
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  • Where do I go to get a baby squirrels in NC?

    In the park?

    Squirrels should be left in the wild where they belong.

    Have a baby gray squirrel...?

    Found him today. He is approx. 4-5 weeks old (has his fur, but eyes are not yet open) and is dehydrated. Currently giving him pedialyte every 30-45 minutes, but I will not be able to go out and get puppy formula until tomorrow morning.

    Does anyone have first hand experience with raising an orphan squirrel? (no ';put him back'; answers, please -- found him in the corner of the tack room at the barn)

    Also, I live in PA... is anyone with familiar with the regulations on having a squirrel? Is it allowed? Do you need a permit?

    Thanks!Have a baby gray squirrel...?
    I have raised baby squirrels with a wildlife rehabilitator for over a year. I will not give info on how to raise it since it is illegal to take animals from the wild. I will, however, advise you to take it to a rehabilitator so it can one day be returned to the wild where it belongs. If you are caught taking an animal from the wild you will be in quite a bit of trouble. If you want a pet squirrel, look into buying a non-native one... a permit may still be required.

    There is no way you will be able to legally keep the squirrel you found. You would have to get a rehabilitation permit in order to care for the next one you find... but that does not help you with this one and you still wouldn't be able to keep the next one unless there is something keeping it from being released.Have a baby gray squirrel...?
    As the previous person stated, it is illegal and not to mention cruel to attempt to keep a wild squirrel as a pet. When people try to keep squirrels, raccoons, etc as pets, at some point they realize it's too much of a responsibility, and then release to the wild. The animal is use to being fed by the human and doesn't know how to survive in the wild.

    You should call your local Humane Society and they can give you contact info for the nearest Wildlife Rehab Center. They will nurse the orphaned squirrel and teach it how to fend for itself then release back to the wild.

    Found some baby squirrels today and put them back in the tree will mother get them?

    Early this morning I had gone out to unlock the gate and heard a ';crack' from one of the pecan trees and saw a bunch of leaves fall. Anyway there were three tiny off white little puppy looking things. Anyway I got a washcloth and put them in a spot on the tree where its sorta like a basket. tree is real old and big. Went back at dusk and they were gone. They were to little to even have their eyes open so wondering if they carry their young like cats and dogs. Thanks.Found some baby squirrels today and put them back in the tree will mother get them?
    Hey RJ, are you sure!! it wasn't alvin and the chipmonks!! found baby flying squirrel..rescued need info asap?

    appears to have a small wound to underside..need info as to what eats if makes it have it in a cat carrier with towels and a small baox with shreadded newspaper..samll flat bowl of water..need info on flying squirrel in southeast Tx Thanks...Happy New year..Hopefully this little one sees it found baby flying squirrel..rescued need info asap?
    Hi are some wildlife rehabilitators in the Houston, TX region:鈥?/a>

    Southern flying squirrel:鈥?/a>

    Here's a link to care for orphaned squirrels:鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a> found baby flying squirrel..rescued need info asap?
    Call your local emergency vet and get the number of a wild animal rescue, they will most likely take it. In the meantime, keep it in soft cloth and, if you have one, put a heating pad under it on a VERY low setting. If the rescue operation can't take it, they will most likely be able to tell you how to take care of it yourself. I raised three baby squirells with a rescue's help. It was a really nice experience. Good luck and Happy New Year to you too.
    Call the Dept. of Conservation they will often give advice or even take the animal. My sister once took a bird to a local zoo.
    TO the wildlife centre ASAP!
    Your local pet supplies will have the milk mix that you can use to raise the squirrel. If you want to keep it, that is. They are easy to feed and are alot of fun when they get older. If its eyes aren't open yet, you need to bottle feed it every 2 hours, just like a kitten. Make sure to keep it warm, if you keep it indoors with room temp you shouldn't need a heating pad. You will also need to assist in using the bathroom. If you don't think this is something you want to do, it takes alot of time. Call a local vet for a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. They will take it off your hands.
    You could ask an animal rescue shelter and see if they will take it for you. i think that squirells eat acorns and nuts, if it is a baby though I would take the shells off for it especially while it is injured. You shouldnt do that forever though it will never learn how to do it itself then.Good luck, i would definetly talk to a vet or a pet shop worker or an animal rescue shelter.
    Call an Emergency vet center, or zoo or anything related to animals, sry... I don`t know what to do. I hope the lil` guy lives.
    go to a vet...

    do research online

    to recieve the most accurate information

    i have raised 2 baby flying squirrels, both brought to me by my cats! First get a small animal baby bottle, usually Winn Dixie carries them, get a can of Pet evaporated milk, fill bottle half milk and 1/4 water add a little white Karo syrup and a tiny pinch of salt

    warm and feed to baby, feed about every 2-3 hours, keep baby warm and secure in a box with towels, you can email me if need be
    do you have a wildlife center nearby? they would know how to take care of him.

    But you have to be careful squirrels can get rabies.. so call a vet asap to make sure you and your cat are okay too!
    You need a heating pad, a bottle with a small nipple, and your nearest pet shop should have formula that is ussually used for kittens or puppies, it works on squirrels too. O and make sure you wipe its bottom to stimulate the process of pooping.