Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I found a Baby Squirrel?? It has a nose bleed?

It was knocked out of its tree by Hurricane Ike. Luckily it survived. My parents gave it fat free milk earlier, but after our power came back on we discovered that was the wrong thing to do according to the internet. He seemed fine though, he became more active after having been fed. I then made him an inncubator of sorts by placing a heating pad on low, under a towel in side of a box. His body temp. raised and I became optimistic. I then tried to re-hydrate him with a reccomended salt-sugar-water solution he took some and when his nose bubbled I held him upside down for ten seconds (as reccomended). I am scared now because he is not taking liquids, not moving much and his little nose is bleeding. Any help???I found a Baby Squirrel?? It has a nose bleed?
According to the Chronicle, the Houston SPCA is taking in baby squirrels and nursing them back to health.I found a Baby Squirrel?? It has a nose bleed?
to help him crap use a warm napkin and rub and feed it puppy milk from the can or power
First should never try to take care of a wild animal if you are not trained to do so. Even though we always think we mean well, sometimes well means more harm than good.

IF you must feed him, Enfamil is the best. That's what the trained rehabbers give our animals that we take in. Also, if you feed him anything, you need to make sure you help him poop and pee. This can be done by rubbing, with a tissue, his crotch area, gently, until he potties. This is what his mother would do in the wild.

The box with the heating pad is good. It's best to have it under the box, which sounds like you did, plus he'll need something to snuggle in in the box. And old blanket or towel will do.

At this time, the best thing you can do is nothing. If you have an emergency vet in your area, you can take him there so that they can take care of him. If you don't, take him to your closest vet office first thing in the morning. They should know how to take care of him there. You can also call a local nature park and ask if they rehab animals.

By the way things sound, I don't think he'll make it. I've never heard of anyone giving a salt-sugar-water solution to rehydrate baby squirrels, and I work with several people who are trained to rehab, including one vet tech. If he's not moving, eating, or even looks bloated, he's possibly dying.

Next time, if you find a baby squirrel, you should either leave him where you found it, or hang an old basket in a nearby tree. If the parents are still alive, they'll take care of him in the new 'nest', or even on the ground.

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