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How old does baby squirrel's need to be when you stop stimulating it to go pee and poo. He is 5 weeks old.?

Our cats brought him to us as a pinky about 6 day old on August 23rd. He is eating about 10 ml every 4 hours. We are stimulating him to go pee still and goes poo on his own when we are stimulating his boy part. How old does he need to be when we stop making him go pee on his own? Do we need to give him a bath, if so how often and how old does he need to be. What can we use? Baby shampoo. What kind of shots do squirrel's need. Do they have to take any special vitamins? We give him Esbalac puppy formula.How old does baby squirrel's need to be when you stop stimulating it to go pee and poo. He is 5 weeks old.?
Hi there.

The absolute best thing you can do for this squirrel is to get him to a licensed Wildlife Rehabillitator. You can't keep him for a pet, and if you don't start teaching him how to live on his own in the wild, he will grow up to be a miserable animal, and he will die when you release him.

You can use this list to locate a rehabber in your area:鈥?/a>

You will know when it's time to stop stimulating his bowel movements when you start seeing poop in the bottom of his cage. Squirrels are usually about 6 weeks old when this happens, sometimes older. I am rehabillitating 7 baby squirrels right now. Most of them are about 7 weeks old and still need to be stimulated.

You don't need to give him a bath unless he gets dirty. If he is dribbling formula on himself you need to clean it off with a warm wet cottonball. You also need to make sure his bottom stays clean or he will get rashes. If you need to ever give him a full bath, use a shampoo made for kittens and be careful to keep it out of his face. Make sure he 100% dry before putting him back in his cage.

You can not get shots for your squirrel. Keeping squirrels is illegal and a vet will only treat one for you if you have a proper license to keep him. This is why keeping illegal animals is so irresponsible. If he ever gets sick (which he probably will if you keep him in a house) you wont be able to do the best thing for him and get him vet care.

Wildlife rehabbers usually don't get shots for squirrels before they get released. Squirrels aren't a rabies risk. If he shows signs of parasites, he will need vet care, but you will have to surrender him to a rehabber to get him the help he needs.

Yes, there are a lot of special foods that squirrels need to be healthy when they get older, but you can't get any of these, and you wont understand how to give them to him unless you take the proper training and get licensed.

Please find a licensed professional in your area to take him to. Squirrels are not pet animals and even though he is terribly cute now, he will be miserable in a cage for the rest of his life. The longer you keep him, the less of a chance he will have to go back into the wild and live a good life. You did a great thing by saving his life, don't ruin it by trying to keep him prisoner forever.

And please don't listen to the first poster, they gave you a lot of bad advice.

1. Squirrels do not start to pee or poop on their own ';soon'; after their eyes are open. The eyes usually open around 5 weeks and don't start peeing on their own until several weeks later!

2. Squirrels do not get rabies shots! None of the rabies vaccinations on the market right now are approved for squirrels, and like I said before, a vet will not give you vet care for your squirrel unless you have a license to have it, because then they'd be breaking the law too. It's also against the law for a vet to sell you a rabies shot to take home. A vet who is doing this shouldn't be trusted.

3. Laws that make native wild animals illegal are NOT stupid. They are in place to protect animals and to protect people. There are many cases of animals becoming nearly extinct because of people taking them from the wild, and taking care of wild animals is HARD. That's why professionals have to take lots of training to get it right. Wild animals can also be DANGEROUS. They can bite and scratch. They can carry disease and parasites. And they will always have a wild temperament. These laws are in place for a reason and if you're truly an animal-lover, you'll obey them instead of putting yourself and an animal at risk. When you're raising a squirrel, if you get one thing slightly wrong it will die. I just took in a whole litter of squirrels who died because the person who had them wasn't supplementing their Esbilac properly and they became malnourished. For shame.

*sigh*How old does baby squirrel's need to be when you stop stimulating it to go pee and poo. He is 5 weeks old.?
i think i can help you on this, i have a baby to, since he was a pinkie, hes now almost 8-9 weeks, has he opened his eyes yet? usually once they open their eyes or soon after he will go on his own, make sure you have a towel or rag or something because he will rub on it and go on it. about the bath, DO NOT use any soap its irritating to them, just a warm rag and just barely enough to wet him, them immediately back to the cage with the warmer on med. or he will get to cold and a towel or blanky to burrow under. i have been bathing him since about 5 weeks. i don't know about shots, depending where you live its against the law to raise a squirrel and you are to take it to a wildlife rescue. i know they can get rabies shots if you can find a vet that will without asking to many questions or turning you in, or a vet that sells the shot to take home then you can do it yourself, but I'm not sure of the dose tho, but if i find out i will let you know. their are some vitamins, i never used them and never had a problem, as long as he gets his formula and food later on, its really not necessary, i will let you know some states require a permit to have squirels, so find or or don't tell a lot of people about him, its a big *** fine, i know stupid right. also the formula your using is great, but if you don't want to spend that much go to wal-mart and get just born, its around 3-4$ and lasts 14 days, Ive used it more than once, works great and my guy is huge, so were my others. here's a website that will help you also.

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    2. Ya kno I have miss Dixie she is a lil over a year old an she is happy as ever I've had her since a pinky all she knows is humans an she loves her home an is very happy now I have another her name is Miss Marley an she is happy to so to the person saying they will get sick an not b happy ur a damn lier an its not illegal to have a squirrel in Florida an if it's illegal where you are ma'am print out a personal pet permit for free

    3. Is it illegal in Iowa to have a pet squirrel? Do I need a permit to keep one?

    4. Is it illegal in Iowa to have a pet squirrel? Do I need a permit to keep one?