Friday, May 14, 2010

Emergency! I've got a dying baby squirrel on my hands!?

He's a little grey squirrel. He's about five weeks old, but that's a guess. I need someone who knows something about squirrels to help.

My friend found it on a golf course in pouring rain a couple days ago. She said she wasn't going to take him, but he'd been there at least since the start of her shift, four hours.

I've been giving him puppy formula every four hours, and he WAS doing fine. Yesterday he stopped eating, and today he's very weak and constipated. Since he won't eat the formula anyways, I've been giving him water.

I've been helping him toilet because he won't go otherwise(and if you don't know what that means, you might as well not answer the question because you know nothing about squirrels), and I have him on a towel on a hot water bottle in a covered cage.

He's also VERY skinny. He was when he was dropped in my lap, and he still is.

Also, he's got several hard 'loops' in his stomach. I'm thinking that's his full intestines. I don't know what to do.

All the vet's offices are closed, and so are the wild-life rehabber's.

So I just need to hold him over until tomorrow morning when I can call someone.Emergency! I've got a dying baby squirrel on my hands!?
Well done for taking him in.

Keep doing what your doing and when the vets is open then take it in.

Hope for the best as you are doing the best you can.Emergency! I've got a dying baby squirrel on my hands!?
Just what you're doing is very good. You should get an incubator If you can. You are basically doing all you can do. Just hope for the best. Good luck.

%26lt;3 I luv hamstrz
Is there an emergency vet in your county. Call them or the Humane Society for help. Otherwise your doing the best you can Good luck
wat i would do is warm a towel and wrap him up there and massage him. and try to feed him as much as possible.
if he's not eating try feeding it bread and milk mixed together
I'm not sure what will hold him over. If he's having a digestive problem maybe some plain yogurt will help. What would be best is to find a 24-hour vet in your area or an animal hospital. In my area a group of vet clinics in our area take turns staying open 24-hours for emergencies. Maybe some of the vets in your area do the same? Also, I would just try calling a wildlife rehabilitater anyways even if it's late. I'm sure they will be more concerned with the dying animal than the fact you called them during off hours or late at night. Also, if you happen to know a vet's home number it's very helpful. I would just call around and hope. Lots of time the good vets offices won't turn away an emergency.

I have chinchillas and we feed them ensure to hold them over in emergencies. They seem to like it. We also give them nutri-cal to gain weight. It's a high calorie supplement with many vitamins. You can buy it at petstores and vet offices. I would try those if you can't find a vet or anything. Even if it's past hours someone still might be there. Just try anything possible. Poor little guy. I hope it all turns out alright.

Remember to keep him warm. He could be getting too warm. I would make a pouch and carry him around with me. Remember he must be fed atleast every hour to be safe.

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