Saturday, January 16, 2010

What can you feed a baby squirrel?

I think it felt of its nest, and it might have a broken leg(I am not sure) Well his eyes are open if that helps. My sister gave him some cow milk, I told her she should give him some kitten suplement cus I had to nurse some kittens to, wich i gave all of them away. Any help would be good thanksWhat can you feed a baby squirrel?鈥?/a>What can you feed a baby squirrel?
NO you didn't you should have taken it to a vet.

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you're not supposed to feed squirrels cow milk, they can't digest it. that probably didn't help.

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Well, you can certainly feed a baby squirrel to a big snake, if you have one, or a fox, I think.
formula milk
My father has raised baby squirrels.

Go on line! They need formula/milk but also have to be fed VERY OFTEN and also have their bellies stimulated so that they ';can go';.

By stimulated, I mean gently stroking/rubbing their belly.

Good luck!
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